About Us

In 1955, Raymond Jerousek Sr had one goal in mind, get away from the city to build a better life for him and his family in a close-knit community. That brought the Jerouseks to Wellington, Ohio and in 1960 they worked together to create a small hardware store they could run as a family. The foundation of this business was simple, provide true customer service and faithful community stewardship. Since then, our community has responded greatly, and we have seen unprecedented growth and award-winning, national recognition.

Today, the company is still in the family and run by Rays grandson, Scott Jerousek. While the world has changed a lot around us our foundation has stayed the same. Scott learned first-hand from his father, grandfather, and uncle what's important to running this business and that’s a commitment to family, community stewardship, and providing only the best products and service.

Farm & Home Hardware: Helping build our community since 1960.